Bloomberg Reporter: Everybody Knows Clinton’s Private Server Is Unacceptable

A Bloomberg reporter said that everyone knows that what Hillary Clinton did to avoid Freedom of Information Act intrusion into her communications is unacceptable one, in response to a State Department official’s admittance.

John King said Clinton and her team made their own determinations of what they considered to be work-related emails and what they perceived to be personal. Her control over what can and, more importantly, cannot be seen from her time at the State Department has mired Clinton in scandal as she tries to roll out her presidential campaign.

Joyce Barr, the chief FOIA officer for the State Department, was cornered into conceding the type of actions Clinton took while Secretary of State would no longer be tolerated during a Senate Judiciary hearing Wednesday.

"I think the message is loud and clear that that is not acceptable," Barr said.

Bloomberg reporter Margaret Talev said Barr was simply stating the obvious.

"For Hillary Clinton, everybody knows it's unacceptable," Talev said. "Right out of the gate nobody within her own party was sort of comfortable with her explanation of things."

Talev and King said Americans can expect Barr’s "not acceptable" statement will be in a TV ad very soon.