Bill Clinton Hung Out With a Former Redskins Cheerleader at the Belmont

Adam Parkhomenko Twitter
June 8, 2015

Former President Bill Clinton acquainted himself with the former cheerleader ambassador for the Washington Redskins—known to most in the liberal community simply as the Washington Football Team.

Here is the team's cheerleader profile for Kirby Parkhomenko, who served as cheerleader ambassador for the team through last season and also is a staffer at Ready for Hillary.

(Note: Any words that could be understood as racial slurs have been shielded from your eyes, courtesy of Andrew Stiles.)


And here she is, with husband and director of grassroots engagement for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign Andrew Parkhomenko, palling it up with Bill Clinton this Saturday at the Belmont Stakes.

Hillary Clinton has called the team name "insensitive" in the past, and has said that "there’s no reason for it to continue as the name of a team in our nation’s capital."

It is unclear whether this is a sign that the Clintons have changed course on the issue ahead of the 2016 campaign due to the fact that only 14 percent agree that the team's name should be changed.

Here are some of the cheerleaders for the upcoming Redskins season:

Redskins FB