Benenson Gets Upset, Won’t Answer MSNBC’s Questions About Clinton’s Health

August 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist, Joel Benenson, got angry at MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Thursday when he was asked about Hillary Clinton's health, particularly her receiving injections.

Mitchell asked Benenson if he would give a rebuttal to the photo that has recently gone viral about Clinton allegedly receiving medical injections. She also asked him to respond to other concerns with her health.

Benenson deflected to Donald Trump instead of answering the questions.

"Those things do not even rise to a level of rebuttal," he said. "They’re ludicrous, they’re trumped up allegations because they’ve got a desperate candidate who, since his convention, has had his net favorable rating decline by 15 points. The man is 32 points underwater."

Mitchell tried to bring Benenson back to the question.

He continued to interrupt her.

"But, just to be responsive to the question about the injection," she said.

Benenson got irritated and started to talk over Mitchell.

"In fairness, every one of these are unsubstantiated bombs being thrown by a notorious bomb thrower." he said. "That's what he’s been doing, and it’s why he’s alienating the American public."

Mitchell then asked if the Secret Service has spoken about this issue.

"I don’t talk to Secret Service personnel," he said. "That’s not my bailiwick, Andrea."

Concerns about Clinton’s health have risen over the past week, due to her recent slipping on stage at a rally. Trump has also brought up her ability to perform the day-to-day tasks of being a president, citing her lack of stamina and many vacation days from the trail.