Assad: 'Expect Everything' if U.S. Acts in Syria

September 9, 2013

CBS This Morning previewed Charlie Rose's exclusive interview with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad Monday, where the leader accused the U.S. of having no evidence of a chemical weapons attack and warned Americans to "expect everything" if military action against him was taken.

Rose discussed evidence presented by Secretary of John Kerry that he called "conclusive" proof that Assad had fired chemical weapons. Assad denied the attacks were his responsibility, but did say that if the evidence was so solid that Kerry should present it to the public.

"No, he presented his confidence and he presented his convictions," Assad said. "It's not about confidence. It's about evidence ...  I would say very simply, present what you have as evidence to the public. Be transparent. If they had it, they would have presented it to the media on the first day."

Assad also addressed the polls that show dwindling American public support for military intervention in Syria.

"What do wars give America? Nothing," he said. "No political gain, no economic gain, no good reputation. The United States' credibility is at an all-time low, so this war is against the interests of the United States."

Assad also issued a warning should the U.S. go through with military strikes:

ROSE: Will there be attacks against the American bases in the Middle East if there's an air strike?

ASSAD: You should expect everything. You should expect everything. Not necessarily through the government. The government's not the only player in this region. You have different parties, you have different factions, you have different ideologies. You have everything in this region now, so you have to expect that.

ROSE: Tell me what you mean by expect everything.

ASSAD: Expect every action.

ROSE: Including chemical warfare?

ASSAD: That depends. If the rebels or the terrorists in this region or any other group have it, it could happen. I don't know. I'm not a fortune teller to tell you what's going to happen.