Anti-Israel Activist Backs Al Jazeera-Linked Democrat in Georgia

Linda Sarsour / Getty Images
April 6, 2017

Anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour announced her support on Thursday morning for Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, who was paid an undisclosed amount of money last year by Qatari-owned network Al Jazeera.

Sarsour, who has called Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu a "waste of a human being" and celebrated violence against the Jewish state, wrote that she can't wait to call Ossoff a congressman.

Ossoff is running for the Georgia congressional seat vacated by Tom Price. He got his first taste of politics as a congressional staffer for Rep. Hank Johnson (D., Ga.), who last summer compared Jewish settlers in Israel to termites.

After leaving Johnson's office Ossoff moved to the United Kingdom to attend graduate school and become CEO of an investigative film company that produces films for Al Jazeera.

Financial disclosure forms required of congressional candidates showed that Ossoff received an amount of money in excess of $5,000 from Al Jazeera in 2016. Ossoff has yet to disclose exactly how much the network paid him.

Al Jazeera is widely viewed as a propaganda outlet for Qatar, which funds the outlet and also terrorist organizations such as Hamas, al Qaeda, and ISIS.

Sarsour, the executive director of the Arab American Association, was arrested earlier this year for disorderly conduct during a protest outside a Trump-owned hotel in New York City.

Sarsour said in 2003 that her "Arab pride was hurt" when the United States caught former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, a war criminal who used chemical weapons against enemies.

Sarsour, however, celebrated Hussein for aiding the Palestinians.

"I think he's done a lot of things he shouldn't have done, but I was hurt," Sarsour told Newsday after Hussein's capture. "My Arab pride was hurt. Palestinians are under so much oppression and no other Arab country ever helped them."

Sarsour has also stated that Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a victim of female genital mutilation as a child, doesn't deserve to be a woman and should have her vagina taken away.

Hirsi Ali has called Sarsour, a leading organizer of the Women's March, a "fake feminist" and attacked her for her support of Sharia law.

"Sarsour is hostile to me—and not because she knows me—but because she is a fake feminist," Hirsi Ali said. "Sarsour is not interested in universal human rights, she’s a defender of Sharia law. There’s no principle that demeans, degrades, and dehumanizes women more than the principal of Sharia law."