American Action Network Releases New Ad Highlighting Savings for Middle Class Families

October 11, 2017

American Action Network (AAN) has a new digital ad that will be targeted toward 42 congressional districts across the country highlighting what it says the savings for middle-class families tax reform will bring.

The ad features a computer screen where an individual types into a search engine, "New tax reform plan in Congress." That search then directs to the website, the House Republican Conference's website that summarizes the Republican tax reform plan.

The user in the ad then searches, "How much will my middle class family save?" This directs the user to a Forbes article on how the plan is "a pay raise for middle class families" and that independent analysis shows a family of four may save $1,223 a year under the Republican plan.

Finally, the user searches, "How can I help pass tax reform?" directing the user to, a website from AAN which helps Americans contact their representatives in Congress to encourage them to support tax reform.

"For too long, hardworking Americans have suffered under an outdated and unfair tax code. Families living paycheck to paycheck, working hard to get ahead, deserve some relief," AAN Executive Director Corry Bliss said. "The Tax Reform Framework released by the White House and congressional leaders is designed to lessen the burden on middle-class families. Now is the time for Congress to make meaningful tax reform a reality, allowing America’s middle class to see more money in their paychecks and save for the future."

Republicans have touted their tax plan as a way to fix what Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) called the "madness" of the current tax code.