Ad: Jeanne Shaheen Does Not Stand with Israel

• August 25, 2014 12:01 pm


Republicans in New Hampshire are targeting Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in a new ad blitz that questions the lawmaker’s support for Israel and association with the liberal fringe group J Street.

Shaheen has come under fire in recent weeks for accepting J Street’s endorsement and taking at least $4,300 in campaign contributions from the controversial group.

The ad released by Independent Leadership for New Hampshire, a political action committee supporting Shaheen’s challenger, Scott Brown, asks: "Can we trust Jeanne Shaheen to stand with Israel?"

The five figure ad buy will run for ten days. It will run on New Hampshire news sites and social media sites. It may run on television in the future.

The ad notes Shaheen’s recent criticism of Israel’s defensive measures in the Gaza Strip as "provocative" and highlights J Street’s radical rhetoric about the Jewish State.

J Street recently accused Israel of "fanning the flames of anti-Semitism" and accused its government of being racist.

Patrick Hynes, a spokesman for the Independent Leadership PAC, said that Shaheen’s alliance with J Street should cause concern for voters who support Israel.

"Americans cannot trust Jeanne Shaheen to stand with Israel and that’s unacceptable in these dangerous times," Hynes said. "She needs to return the money she raised from J Street, ask that they remove her from a place of ‘honor’ on their website, and denounce their rhetoric."

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