Actor Insists 'Emoji Movie' Will Fight Trump, Make Young People 'Adopt Progressive Values'

T.J. Miller / Getty
July 21, 2017

The lead voice actor for The Emoji Movie insisted in an interview Thursday that the movie is a very, very important way of fighting President Donald Trump's administration, rather than just a film about talking faces.

Sitting down with HuffPost, comedic actor T.J. Miller trashed his former co-workers on HBO's "Silicon Valley," saying they did not do enough to stop Trump.

"Right before the election ... I asked, 'How much money did you donate, you Hollywood elites? How much did you donate to Hillary Clinton's campaign?'" he recounted. "And everybody in the cast said nothing. They hadn't given a dollar."

By contrast, Miller was very much on board with The Emoji Movie.

"How rare is it that we get an opportunity to do an original property, right?" he said.

"This was an opportunity to do something optimistic, positivistic and you know, we have very few weapons in the current administration, and one of them is to target a younger demographic and try and help them understand and adopt progressive values," Miller continued.

"The movie has a lot to say to women, and how they have limitless potential, and one of the characters literally breaks through a glass ceiling," he added.

The Emoji Movie will be released in theaters July 28. According to the film's synopsis, Miller's character, Gene, is "a multi-expressional emoji" who "sets out on a journey to become a normal emoji."