ABC on Violence by Anti-Trump Protesters: 'These Were Pure Attacks'

June 3, 2016

ABC's Good Morning America covered the violence that erupted outside of Donald Trump's rally in San Jose, California Thursday as "pure attacks" where "even the elderly" walked into a dangerous environment.

When Trump's supporters attempted to leave the rally, they were greeted by large crowds of protesters who used it as an opportunity to physically attack the Trump supporters.

ABC correspondent Tom Llamas was there and covered the chaos, calling it "one of the most violent scenes" he'd ever seen at a Trump rally and saying the police seemed to lose control of the situation.

"People were getting beat up right in front of them, and these were not clashes. These were pure attacks. Trump supporters, men, women, even the elderly left this building last night and walked right into danger," Llamas reported. "Overnight, all-out brawls outside the Trump rally in San Jose, California. Trump supporters harassed, beaten and bloodied by mobs of protesters."

In one clip, Llamas shows a young man running for his life, being tackled and running again as Llamas had to point him to police.

"Now there were some peaceful demonstrators last night, but many of the people we saw were young men and young women who were here to do only one thing which is to throw punches and on more than one occasion, we did see young people throwing up gang signs in those mobs of protesters," Llamas said.