ABC: DNC Email Leak Reveals Perks of Being Big Democratic Donor

July 27, 2016

Major Democratic Party donors enjoy serious perks for their big contributions, emails from the Democratic National Committee reveal that are part of the recent Wikileaks dump.

ABC reporter Brian Ross detailed on Wednesday some of these privileges awaiting high dollar Democratic donors in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention, which have been exposed after Wikileaks released approximately 20,000 DNC emails.

"A price for everything, including what it costs for a private dinner with Hillary Clinton. It’s all about the money," Ross said. "From the welcoming parties with a woman dancer in a bubble in the middle of a fountain at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the nighttime cruises to the luxury suites at the convention center and the private parties with gourmet scrambled eggs and caviar."

Ross also reported that a private dinner with Clinton costs $200,000.

Ross described how DNC finance director Jordan Kaplan had a bigger donor moved next to President Obama at an event and a cancer patient moved to a less prominent seat.

"Another email describes how a donor battling cancer lost his coveted seat at a presidential roundtable. An even bigger donor bumped him, ‘please move him next to the president.’ The DNC finance director Jordan Kaplan wrote with no sympathy of the cancer patient, ‘a lot of people unfortunately get sick.’"

At a champagne brunch for donors, Ross tracked Kaplan down. Kaplan indicated that he was too embarrassed to talk about what happened.

"And there’s a lot to be embarrassed about," Ross said.

Ross then called out the lack of cyber security employed by the Democrats.

"Computer security experts say the Democrats ignored warnings last year that their computers were extremely vulnerable and now the names, home addresses and in some cases social security numbers of every major wealthy donor and how much they gave are all online for the world to see," he said.