Former Clinton Staffer: Moving Policy Further Left Shouldn’t Be Assumed Response to Protests

Jennifer Palmieri argued on Wednesday that moving the Democratic platform further left is not the answer to recent protests. The former director of communications for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign made the comments during an appearance on MSNBC with Chuck Todd.

"It is incumbent upon me as an American to stand up and say Donald Trump does not represent what I view America to be," Palmieri told Todd. "And I think that a lot of this energy is not the base, the base is there, but you are wrong to look at the crowds and think that everyone wants $15 an hour."

Todd was quick to respond saying, "Don't assume this is a policy push."

Palmieri agreed, clarifying her point, "Don't assume that the answer to big crowds is moving policy to the left."

Throughout the campaign, Clinton pushed for a $12 minimum wage while supporting many groups behind the fight for $15. The Washington Post reported that Clinton discussed this position during a primary debate against Senator Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.).