OPINION: Space Force Fails First Test by Refusing to Contest Chinese Incursion on U.S. Soil (The Moon)

Get your own moon, commies

December 1, 2020

According to my second-favorite website,, Chinese communists set foot on American soil this week by successfully landing a spacecraft on the moon.

The PC police will inevitably howl at the use of the word "invasion," but if that's not what this is, the word has lost all meaning. The commies aren't just setting foot on our soil. They're literally stealing it—about "4.4 lbs of lunar material," according to the website. They're taking it home with them to China.

Those are the facts. The United States is being invaded, and President Donald J. Trump could not care less. He's too busy tweeting like a tween girl who just got cut from the yoga team. Maybe this explains why he lost to a 78-year-old tickle monster in a walking boot.

What happened to the strong, virile president who in 2019 established the United States Space Force as the sixth branch of the U.S. military? The cocksure commander in chief who promised to reverse the Obama-era policy of looking the other way while the ChiComs "rape our country." Where did he go?

Where, for that matter, has the Space Force gone? After launching its first mission in March, the so-called "military" branch has apparently done nothing to fortify the moon's defenses. They didn't even attempt to intercept the Chinese spacecraft, or shoot it down. As far as we know, they haven't even tried to drill for oil. The ChiComs will be more than happy to fill the void. They're probably injecting it with a new and improved bat virus as we speak.

The Space Force failed its first real test, and a fairly easy one at that. Americans didn't just plant our flag up there for the prestige. It was about expanding our empire into the great unknown. An empire worth expanding is an empire worth defending. Or else, what was the point? If we aren't willing to confront the ChiComs up there, sooner or later we'll have to fight them down here.

This is also Trump's first real failure as president. Well, that and his decision to let the terrorists win in Afghanistan. Don't get me wrong. Trump is still likely to be remembered as the most successful U.S. president since Washington. But this failure to prevent the Chinese incursion on the moon leaves a sour taste at the end of an otherwise historic term in office.

It was almost a year ago that the Chinese unleashed a deadly pandemic on Earth, killing millions and grinding life as we know it to a halt. We let our guard down, so they tried to steal our moon. Get your own moon, commies!