Space Force

First Space Force Mission Is A Go

'We're launching a giant spacecraft into space'

The United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket lifts offSpace Force's first official mission is a go, with personnel set to launch a military communications satellite into orbit from Cape Canaveral Thursday afternoon.

Telling the Story of America

You have to love Apollo’s ability to turn D.C. into a hotbed of patriotic fervor

Of all the people to crap on John F. Kennedy's legacy, you'd think it wouldn't be the New York Times and the Washington Post. But both papers made waves last week by commemorating the lunar landing—inspired by the martyred president's famous promise—with pieces lamenting NASA's failure to equally represent women and ethnic minorities.

China Outlines Space War Plans

PLA white paper confirms space operations a strategic priority for confronting U.S.

China's heavy-lift carrier rocket Long March-5 blasts offChina's strategy for developing advanced space weapons were disclosed this week in Beijing's first defense white paper issued in years.

Senators Question Pentagon Plan for Space Force

Costs, bureaucracy, readiness of forces cited as concerns

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph DunfordDespite growing threats of space warfare, the Pentagon's plan to create a new military branch called the Space Force faced tough questioning on Capitol Hill Thursday from both Republicans and Democrats who voiced concerns about costs, increased bureaucracy, and impact on military readiness.

Growing ASAT Threat Behind New Space Force

Satellites threatened by Beijing, Moscow

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir PutinThe growing threat to American satellites from Chinese and Russian anti-satellite weaponry was a key driver behind President Trump's directive creating a new space military force.

Make The Galaxy Great Again: Better, Bolder Options for the Space Force Logo

Space Force is President Donald Trump's gift to future generations of proud Americans who will one day bear witness to the greatest empire on Earth's ultimate conquest: the final frontier. But first, he needs our help choosing a logo. Once the logo is sorted, we can all start stocking up on trendy Space Force gear, and wearing it to social functions. A selfie in a hot new Space Force tactical vest is sure to boost your swipe rate on Tinder. Unfortunately, the logo options the Trump campaign's interns came up with are pretty lame, so we decided to design a few better, bolder logos for your immediate consideration. Let us know what you think!