Welch Acknowledges Gun Control May Cause Problem for Dems

Rep. Peter Welch (D., Vt.) acknowledged gun control could pose some significant problems for vulnerable senate Democrats in 2014 Thursday on MSNBC:

S.E. CUPP: [...] [Gun control] is being called a career ender for some Democrats. Real Clear Politics reported recently on the flood of calls to Max Bacchus's office over concern about this legislation. Mark Begich, Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu, Kay Hagan, are all in the same boat on this. As much as we want to say this is about Newtown, clearly, this is about politics for some of these senate Democrats. What are they looking at in 2014?

PETER WELCH: Well, it can be a problem, any tough vote can be a problem. But what is a problem for us should not be an excuse to deny the American people a vote on issues that are really of a major consequence. So yeah, there will be tough politics for some Democrats for certain districts, tougher for some than others. Although I think what you're seeing is that there is really a lot of understanding that something like a background check is common sense and it doesn't encroach on the very strong second amendment rights and support for second amendment rights that many Republicans and Democrats are staunchly behind.