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Trump Salutes Texans Dealing With Flooding: They Have ‘Really Persevered’

President Donald Trump on Monday saluted the people of Texas as they deal with catastrophic flooding damage in the Houston area, saying they have "really persevered."

Trump confirmed he is visiting Texas on Tuesday, adding he is not sure yet which sections his traveling team will head to, and praised the work of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R.). He said they will likely return to Texas this weekend and possibly visit Louisiana as well. First Lady Melania Trump will accompany him in Texas on Tuesday.

Trump, speaking in the Oval Office alongside Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, called the rainfall stemming from Hurricane Harvey "historic."

"The people are handling it amazingly well, and the people of Texas, as you know, have really persevered," he said. "When you watch the spirit and the enthusiasm and helping each other, the teamwork, it's really been something for people to say—I think even in Finland, they would say it's been pretty incredible what they've been able to do."

Niinistö said his people had noticed.

The storm is the first major natural disaster Trump has dealt with in office. The flooding has affected millions in the Houston area and thousands of people have had to be rescued.

"We've done quite a few Cabinet meetings to make sure everything's coordinated," Trump said. "We're dealing with Congress. As you know, it's going to be a very expensive situation. We want to take care of the people of Texas and Louisiana, when that happens."