Trump Admin Optimistic Saudi Arabia Could Be Next to Make Peace with Israel

Israeli flag March Takes Place During Jerusalem Day
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September 11, 2020

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner hinted on Friday that Saudi Arabia could be the next Arab nation to reach a historic peace agreement with Israel.

Speaking to reporters following the administration’s surprise announcement that Bahrain would follow in the United Arab Emirates’ footsteps and normalize relations with the Jewish state, Kushner expressed optimism that other Arab nations will also move to make peace.

Bahrain became the second country in recent days to announce a historic peace deal with Israel that will see it normalize diplomatic relations after decades of hostility. Kushner and other senior White House officials participated last week in the first flight from Israel to the UAE, which was permitted to fly over Saudi air space. Asked if Saudi Arabia, one of the most influential Gulf Arab nations, could be next to make peace, Kushner expressed hope.

"I do believe it’s an inevitability that all countries in the Middle East" will eventually make peace with Israel, Kushner said during a phone call with reporters. "I think [the agreement] was noticed by everyone in the region, how well the deal with Israel and UAE was received."

Arab leaders now "recognize the approach taken in the past hasn't worked and they realize their people want to see a more vibrant future," Kushner said.

A signing ceremony between the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel will be held at the White House on Tuesday.

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