This Week in Leftist Violence and Intimidation Vol. 9

Portland, Oregon / Getty Images
• October 25, 2020 4:59 am


Protesters attacked police officers on both the East and West Coast this week. A protest in Boston saw Antifa members eat an animal heart in a bizarre turn of events. And in Seattle, even Trader Joe's is not immune to political threats. Here are the craziest examples of leftist violence and intimidation from this week.

6. BLM Protesters in Rhode Island Throw Smoke Bombs, Bottles at Police

In Providence, R.I., a Black Lives Matter march for a man injured in a police-involved moped accident turned violent at night as protesters lobbed glass bottles and smoke bombs at police officers and set off fireworks, injuring officers and a K-9.

5. Portland Antifa Militants Lob Projectiles, Call for Execution of Federal Officers

Antifa attacked federal law enforcement officers near the Immigrant and Customs Enforcement building in Portland, Ore., calling them "Nazis" and screaming that they "should be executed."

4. BLM Protesters Storm Trader Joe’s in Seattle

Black Lives Matter protesters marched into a Trader Joe’s in Seattle to demand they give more money to black communities. They also called for the resignation of Mayor Jenny Durkan.

3. ‘More Dead Pigs’: Anti-Police Protesters Graffiti Northwestern’s Weber Arch

Students at Northwestern University vandalized the campus’s iconic Weber Arch with various anti-police slogans, calling for "more dead pigs" and the abolition of police departments. The signature Antifa "A" was affixed to the arch as well.

2. Boston Antifa Members Burn Flag, Eat Heart, Curse Law and Order

Protests took a macabre turn in Boston this week, as Antifa members burned the American flag and ate an animal heart—all while invoking the name of a Hindu deity. "F— Trump!" and "F— Twelve!" they screamed. "Praise to the chaos gods!"

1. Counterprotesters Attack Black Free Speech Rally Organizer, Knock His Teeth Out

Counterprotesters in San Francisco last weekend punched the organizer of a free speech rally in the face, knocking some of his teeth out. The rally was held near Twitter’s headquarters to protest the censorship of conservative voices on the social media platform. Twitter and Instagram have both since suspended the organizer’s account. His assailant was later arrested and charged with a hate crime.

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