Taliban Seeks To Cash In on Afghanistan’s Uranium Stash

Getty Images
January 31, 2022

The Taliban is moving to cash in on Afghanistan’s stockpile of highly coveted rare earth minerals, including lithium and uranium, which can be used to power weapons.

In the latest issue of its Arabic language monthly magazine Al-Somood the Taliban details its "Campaign to build the Islamic emirate," according to a translation of the article by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which tracks extremist groups.

Since taking control of Afghanistan following the Biden administration's deadly evacuation from the war-torn country, the Taliban has worked to create a "jihadi army" and establish itself in the lucrative trade of rare earth minerals, which could provide the terror group with cash from countries such as China that are heavily invested in that sector.

Afghanistan’s lithium and uranium reserves can "change the course of the history" for the country and the Taliban, according to the article in the terrorist group’s latest publication. The article was written by Abu Walid Al-Masri, a writer affiliated with al Qaeda.

The article also outlines the challenges the Taliban faces in creating an Islamic state and countering "the international sabotage groups and the secret army of the United States." The article claims that American and Israeli intelligence cells operating within the country are seeking to sabotage the Taliban as it attempts to regain full control of Afghanistan’s military, economy, and government.

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