State Dept Can’t Say if Clinton Emails Provided to Judicial Watch Will Be Made Public

• August 16, 2016 4:28 pm


State Department spokesman Mark Toner could not say Tuesday whether the department would post emails on its website that were provided to Judicial Watch from Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Often any material that is released by a government agency due to a Freedom of Information Act request is also posted on that agency’s website for the public to see, not just the individual or organization who made the request for the material.

"Will those emails also be put on your website for the general public in the way that you did with the 55,000 pages?" Associated Press reporter Brad Klapper asked Toner during the State Department daily press briefing, referencing the 55,000 pages of emails that Clinton turned over to the department.

"Yeah, I don’t have a definitive answer yet," Toner said. "I think, Brad, we’re still assessing how these documents will be produced, and we’re also in discussions with the court on this matter. So, it’s part of what we’re looking at I think over the next couple of weeks."

Another reporter later asked Toner about how, and if, these emails would be made public.

"Earlier in August, you had released a statement saying that these documents would be made public as part of your legal obligation. So, as far as the Clinton emails that were originally procured by the FBI that were then handed over to the State Department, will those still be made public?" a reporter asked.

After clarifying with the reporter which email matter she was referring to, Toner said that it is unknown if the emails will be made public.

"We have agreed to produce to Judicial Watch any emails sent in her official capacity," Toner said. "We are still trying to come up with a decision on how we’ll, or whether we’ll release them publicly as we did with the 55,000."

Toner said that the State Department is still assessing if  it will put the emails up on the State Department’s FOIA website.