Sheila Jackson Lee Burned in New Book

A new book portrays well-dressed Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee as a "woman of a certain rage," and discusses her annoying habits and disrespectful attitude.

"Her demands extended well beyond the objective of getting rights, instead suggesting a desire for omnipresence," writes Robert Draper in a new book, according to Politico’s Huddle.

Jackson Lee also had a knack or annoying her fellow Democrats:

In early May 2011, the congresswomen offered up an amendment to a Republican bill that repealed the school-based health care clinics provided under the Obama health care law. Jackson Lee's amendment would require that the unobligated funds accrued from the repeal be posted on the Department of Health and Human Services website so that the public could see how much money had been saved ... A voice vote was called for it. The ayes had it. ... Then, as if seized by a Demon spirit, Sheila Jackson Lee said, 'Mr. Chair, I demand a recorded vote. ... It was defeated, 207-218, with nine apparently annoyed Blue Dog Democrats casting the decisive votes against her.

Jackson Lee also made a fool of herself during a failed bid to become leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, according to the book:

She would later claim that she had 'stepped aside' and permitted Emanuel Cleaver to take the post. In fact, the CBC put the matter to a vote. Midway through the balloting, when it was clear that Jackson Lee was headed toward defeat, the congresswoman suddenly stood and proclaimed, 'I move that we unanimously elect Emanuel Cleaver as our next chairman.' ... Several members, however, privately voiced their dismay. They wanted the voting to continue. They wanted Sheila Jackson Lee to see the final tally.