Rubio: Russia ‘Behaving Like an Enemy of International Peace and Norms’

'You’re dealing with a government that lies as a matter of course'


Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) says Russia can’t be trusted to fulfill its international commitments because their government is "increasingly behaving like an enemy of international peace and international norms."

"You’re dealing with a government that lies as a matter of course, and it’s very difficult to enter an understanding with them on anything when they are willing to lie and cover things up in this way," Rubio said NBC's Meet the Press.

When asked if Russia is a U.S. enemy, Rubio essentially said yes: "If you look, after the end of World War II and certainly through the Cold War era, the spread of democracy and freedom and established norms for nations to interact with one another so we would never have another world war. Russia, under this President Putin, does not seem interested in any of that. So they are an enemy of that. And they are certainly, as it regards to that, an enemy of the United States with regard to those things I just outlined. And if you look at the positions they’ve taken, on issue after issue, Russia has been an obstacle to U.S. national interests."

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