Report: Iran Cheating on Sanctions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani / AP

A new United Nations report accuses world governments of hiding examples of Iran violating international economic sanctions resolutions, according to Bloomberg.

A U.N. panel responsible for providing oversight on sanctions measures against Iran found that nations had not reported any new instances of Iranian violations, despite many taking place "in plain sight," according to the report.

"The current situation with reporting could reflect a general reduction of procurement activities by the Iranian side or a political decision by some member states to refrain from reporting to avoid a possible negative impact on ongoing negotiations" over Iran’s contested nuclear program, Bloomberg quotes the report as stating.

No nations reported that "General Qassem Suleimani, commander of the elite Quds force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, violated a UN-mandated travel ban despite ‘a number of media reports with photographs and videos’ showing him in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, ‘reportedly organizing and training militia and regular forces in those countries,’" according to the report.

Bloomberg speculates that the report could provide "fresh ammunition for critics" of the Obama administration’s ongoing diplomacy with Tehran.