Psaki: Coalition Providing Aid to Syrian Rebels Like a 'Pie'

AP's Matthew Lee not amused by analogy

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki used a pie analogy in an attempt to explain the diversity of nations providing aid to the Syrian rebels Tuesday in the State Department press conference.

Associated Press reporter Matthew Lee challenged Psaki on the point, asking "What pie is it that we are a slice of?":

JEN PSAKI: Mmm hmm, do you not like pie?

MATTHEW LEE: No, I love pie -- what's the -- but what is that pie? When -- I mean, are the Russians a slice of the pie as well? Are the Iranians the slice of the pie as well? Or is that a separate pie? What pie is it that we are a slice of --

JEN PSAKI: I'm happy to break down the pie for you.

MATTHEW LEE: Can you? Thank you.

JEN PSAKI: It can be peach if you'd like, or apple, or strawberry.

MATTHEW LEE: No, but that's not what I mean. What is the pie analogy?

JEN PSAKI: I am -- what I was --

MATTHEW LEE: What does it refer to?

JEN PSAKI: The analogy I was using, Matt, was that there are many countries in the region who are providing aid to the opposition.

Psaki went on to reiterate that the State Department stands behind the statement "Assad's days are numbered."

The State Department spokesperson would not say if the Obama administration "miscalculated" when making those declarations 706 days ago.