Paul Ryan: Dems' Budget 'Never, Ever Balances'

Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) argued against the Democrats' proposed budgets in an interview on Fox News Tuesday morning saying:

"They're throwing new meaning to the word balance. They say they're taking a balanced approach. The problem is their balanced approach never, ever balances the budget. From Patty Murray and Chris Van Hollen's standpoint, a balanced approach is another trillion dollar tax increase, only followed up with more spending increases. They think that's the balanced approach. We actually balance the budget by cutting spending and not raising taxes. Spending grows 3.4 percent a year under our budget instead of 5 percent, and it balances because of that. So if you look at the four different budgets we're look at, the Patty Murray, the Chris Van Hollen budget and other two Democratic budgets, they have one thing in common: massive new tax increases, big deep cuts to national security, only surpassed by net spending increases. All the Democratic budgets have one thing, more taxes, higher spending, never balancing the budget. We think that's irresponsible. We think it's going to hurt the economy. We're balancing the budget to get a healthier economy and create faster economic growth and more jobs. We want to give our kids a debt free nation and we want to make sure we get government to live within its means. That's what we propose and what balance really means, balancing the budget, not raising taxes and spending."