WATCH: Reporter Confronts Soft-On-Crime Soros DA

Buta Biberaj oversaw Loudoun County Schools sexual assault case

February 1, 2022

A Washington, D.C., reporter on Monday confronted one of Virginia's George Soros-backed prosecutors, who has come under fire for her soft-on-crime approach to prosecuting.

Fox 5's Lindsay Watts attempted to speak with Loudoun County commonwealth's attorney Buta Biberaj, who had repeatedly dodged the station's requests for interviews. Biberaj has caught flack for her handling of a case in which a male student who sexually assaulted a classmate at one Loudoun County school was released and transferred to a different school, where he assaulted another student.

Biberaj was back in the spotlight this week after Loudoun County supervisor Caleb Kershner took to Facebook to criticize the commonwealth's attorney's handling of the case. Kershner, a lawyer who represented the Loudoun County perpetrator, said Biberaj's office was "simply unprepared to move forward with the case."

In the video, Watts reminds Biberaj that she has repeatedly attempted to get in contact with her since October. Biberaj brushes off her request for an interview, saying "our schedules have just been really tight." Biberaj eventually tells Watts that she would be willing to sit down with her on Friday, which, Watts notes, is her day off.

Soros's Justice and Public Safety PAC donated $659,000 to Biberaj's 2019 campaign for commonwealth’s attorney. Biberaj is one of a set of Soros-backed prosecutors who are scrambling to defend their reform agendas amid a nationwide surge in violent crime.

Her practices have made waves even among fellow progressives in the county, who say her lax approach to domestic violence cases in particular is a disservice to the community. Jason Faw, a 16-year veteran of the Loudoun County prosecutor's office, resigned in October 2020 after concluding Biberaj was a threat to public safety.

In an email to Loudoun County board of supervisors chair Phyllis Randall, Faw identifies three cases that made him feel "embarrassed to go to work for Ms. Biberaj." He also warned that some of his ex-colleagues were abusing alcohol to cope with low morale in the office.