Paul: Pretty Soon Democrats Will Be Blaming the ‘Bubonic Plague’ on the Sequester

'That hysteria does no one any good'

• March 20, 2013 5:30 pm


Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) commented on Democratic hysteria surrounding the sequester Wednesday on "Your World."

Neil Cavuto asked Sen. Paul to specifically react to comments Sen. Harry Reid (D., Nev.) made recently linking the deaths of Marines in a training exercise to sequestration:

NEIL CAVUTO: Senator, I want to talk about something Harry Reid has said that has created some waves over the deaths of these soldiers in Nevada that appeared to be linking sequestration cuts. He disavowed that later on in the statement, but nevertheless did refer to their deaths and sequestration in the same remarks, so Republicans have been saying the argument still stands, it was an awful thing for him to say, Lanny Davis former Clinton advisor saying it was at best clumsily worded, what do you say?

RAND PAUL: Well I think the Democrats need to be careful here because they've been trying to blame everything – they'll be blaming the Bubonic Plague on the sequester pretty soon. But Senator Blunt had good amendment today that we passed, and it said "oh why don't we take some money from here where it's not necessary and put it into meatpacking inspectors so we inspect our meat." Because see what the Democrats are doing is they're saying "oh with the sequester, your meat will be dangerous, we're going to back to the days before Upton Sinclair. That hysteria does no one any good. If your country has good leaders, you find where money is being wasted and put it into essential things. Senator Moran tried to do the same thing, he tried to have an amendment to save air-traffic controllers and towers in certain places in the country and they wouldn't let him do do it. It's almost as if they want the sequester to have pain and have visible pain like not having a White House tour, but they don't want to do the important things your leaders would do like make sure your food is inspected and air-traffic controllers are there, and so I think it's irresponsible on their part.

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