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Donald Trump

White House to End Defense Sequester, Boost Military's Cyber Capabilities

Trump administration previews priorities for bolstering armed forces

January 23, 2017

Service Leaders: Military Can’t Defend Homeland if Sequestration Persists

Budget cuts risk force’s ability to counter threats from adversaries like China, Russia

September 15, 2016

Congressional Inaction on Defense Cuts Creating ‘Havoc’ for Military

Lawmakers considering spending resolution that keeps defense budget caps in place

August 26, 2015

Cotton Calls for Lifting Spending Caps on Defense Later This Year

Says Congress should look at spending close to $900 billion on military in coming years

March 24, 2015

House GOP Budget Leaves Spending Caps in Place

Lawmakers attempt to thread needle by boosting other defense accounts

March 18, 2015

Vitter: Congressional Vote on Iran Nuke Deal ‘Setting Us Up to Fail’

Louisiana senator on potential Iran agreement, AUMF, and defense budget

March 12, 2015

U.S. Military No Longer Able to Fight Two Wars at Same Time

Report finds that shrinking armed forces are less able to respond to global threats

February 24, 2015