Palestinian Activist: Modern Israel Jives With 'Racist' and 'Xenophobic' Republican Party

March 20, 2015

Palestinian-American activist Yousef Munayyer bitterly compared Israel to the "racist," "nativist," and "xenophobic" Republican Party Friday on MSNBC, while criticizing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for being "not really interested in peace."

Munayyer, an advocate against what he claims is Israeli occupation, called Netanyahu's recent comments on the two-state solution a clear example of "a man who never misses an opportunity not to make peace," while, per usual, not commenting on Hamas tactics of rocket fire against Israeli civilians and breaking cease-fires.

Guest Andrea Mitchell Reports host Peter Alexander then asked him to discuss the state of domestic politics regarding Israel, where he went on a liberal rant against the GOP.

"What we have today at the base of the Democratic Party are younger demographics and minority demographics, all of which are turning away from the values that Israel is presenting to the world, which is this exclusivist, status quo, very conservative perspective on their situation and their worldview," Munayyer said. "This is something that jives very much with the narrative at the base of the Republican Party, which is very much xenophobic and nativist and at many times, racist."

Alexander cut him off to ask what he thought about Hillary Clinton before ending the interview seconds later.

Munayyer made headlines last summer when he dodged Fox News host Sean Hannity's repeated questions about whether he believes Hamas is a terrorist organization.

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