NJ Man Admits ISIS Support and Pressure Cooker Bomb Plan


A 20-year-old New Jersey man admitted he planned to use a pressure cooker bomb in New York in support of ISIS and become a martyr for the terrorist organization if necessary, according to the Department of Justice.

Gregory Lepsky of Point Pleasant pleaded guilty on Tuesday to providing material support to ISIS, the DOJ said in a release. In his plea before U.S. District Judge Michael Shipp in Trenton, Lepsky admitted that he began formulating his plan last January to detonate the pressure cooker bomb in New York.

Lepsky also admitted he used the internet to access directives from ISIS, obtain bomb-making instructions, and purchase the pressure cooker and other items to use in the attack.

Lepsky was arrested last February for stabbing his family dog and threatening to kill the dog and also his mother. After police arrived he pledged his allegiance to Allah.

Law enforcement searched the family home and found numerous ties to ISIS. A new pressure cooker was found in his bedroom closet and evidence was found on his computer linking him to the terrorist group.

The DOJ in Tuesday’s announcement said that Lepsky indicated in social media communications he intended to fight on behalf of ISIS and, if necessary become a martyr by driving "a bunch of explosives" to where the "enemies" could be found and blow himself up.

Law enforcement officials also found a series of instructions on Lepsky’s computer, published online by another terrorist group, giving detailed instructions on how to build a pressure cooker bomb.

Lepsky will face between 16 and 19 years in prison and a lifetime of supervised release.

Mary Lou Lang

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Mary Lou Lang is a freelance writer whose stories have been published in The Revered Review, StreetAuthority, Trefis, the Daily Caller, and Area Development Magazine. Several of her stories have been republished on The Blaze and the Heartland Institute’s Heartlander Magazine. Prior to freelancing, she worked at financial magazines for Dow Jones and the A.M. Best Company.

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