Netanyahu: Israel's Blue and White Party Only Pretends to Support Trump Peace Plan

February 24, 2020

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Blue and White Party won't back President Donald Trump's peace proposal because it needs support from Arab parties to gain a parliamentary majority.

Netanyahu, who leads the Likud Party, spoke to Mark Levin on Fox News's Life, Liberty & Levin about the upcoming Israeli election. He argued that the Trump administration provided a path toward a successful peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. He also said his rivals in Blue and White are only pretending to support the administration's plan.

"The Blue and White Party is a leftist party in disguise," Netanyahu said. "In order to get center-right voters, they pretend that they're a center-right party and that they will take up the terrific Trump plan."

He said the deal applies Israeli law and "[adds] to Israel's sovereign territory in important places like the Jordan valley, a strategic buffer against invasion and smuggling of weapons from the east. It recognizes the legitimacy and the sovereignty of Israel over communities in our ancestral homeland in Judea and Samaria—this is completely anathema to Blue and White, and their leader said the opposite just a few months ago."

As evidence, Netanyahu mentioned that Blue and White members have consistently opposed Trump and even compared him to Hitler. In addition, he said Blue and White depends on alliances with smaller Arab parties that are part of the Joint List in the Knesset, Israel's parliament, to be able to form a government.

"They're not going to adopt the Trump plan, which would be a historic miss. We have here the deal of the century, the opportunity of the century. We're never going to have something like this, and the only one who will implement it is me, and I think the voters are getting that message," Netanyahu said.

"That's what I tell our voters: The other guy is dependent on a Joint Arab List that refuses to recognize the State of Israel and will certainly not support the Trump plan in any way," he added.