Lee Slams State's Vagueness on Kerry's Health Status: 'You Realize That You Brought This On Yourself'

'The questions about what's going on ... you're bringing on yourself by not being more forthcoming'

June 9, 2015

Associated Press reporter Matt Lee slammed the State Department on Tuesday for the lack of information on Secretary of State John Kerry’s health.

In late May, Kerry broke his leg in a bike crash while in Geneva. The State Department confirmed that Secretary Kerry broke his right femur and was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was treated.

Since his accident, Kerry canceled several trips and meetings with foreign officials. The State Department said that Kerry has been able to work in limited capacity via phone and email.

When asked if Kerry would be able to participate in the Iran negotiations at the end of this month, State Department spokesperson Jeff Rathke said he could not give a definitive answer.

Another reporter asked why Kerry was still in the hospital when his surgery was last week. Again, Rathke said he could not give a clear answer.

That was when Lee took the State Department to task for the lack of information.

"You realize that you brought this on yourself," Lee said. "These questions are not completely unfounded questions to be asking."

"But by refusing to say anything more – I mean that is a decent question. Why is he [Kerry] still admitted to the hospital? His house is not that far away from the hospital.  I mean if he’s on crutches, granted it is hilly there, but you know certainly he might even be able to walk there on crutches. We don’t know. So the secrecy for the questions about what is going on, you’re bringing on yourself by not being more forthcoming."

Rathke did not address any of the concerns and dismissed the comments as Lee’s perspective.

"It’s not a comment. It’s an appeal for a little bit more information because what are we getting is nothing," Lee said.

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