Krauthammer: Obama Needs a Second Bus to Throw People Under

Krauthammer: Holder 'a liability to the president'

Columnist Charles Krauthammer said President Obama was running out of space under the bus to throw people in his administration during the various scandals plaguing the White House Tuesday on "The O'Reilly Factor."

Discussing the fate of embattled Attorney General Eric Holder, Krauthammer said he would have to go in light of reports Holder signed off on search warrants for the emails of Fox News reporter James Rosen naming him a criminal co-conspirator in a national security leak case. This led to an ongoing investigation into whether he lied under oath to Congress May 15 with his statement that he would never prosecute members of the press to disclose confidential materials they had learned.

KRAUTHAMMER: I think Holder is going to have to go because he is a liability to the president. It's all about the president. It's all about, is there space under the bus where there are a lot of people. He may have to get a second bus in order to stuff everybody. But remember, Obama said he endorses him 100 percent, and now he learns that he clearly did not say the truth, and he can't pretend that he didn't remember because he signs a lot of stuff. Because the release from the Department of Justice was, he didn't only sign the search warrant against Rosen that essentially named him as a co-defendant, a criminal co-defendant, he actually discussed it. So he can't say like Hillary did, 'Oh, I sign a lot of stuff. I can't remember.'

Steven Miller, the previous commissioner of the IRS, was dismissed over the scandal that the agency purposely scrutinized conservative groups, but Obama spokesman Jay Carney said his boss was unaware of any investigation of IRS wrongdoing until the news went public.

In addition to its behavior toward Rosen, the Department of Justice has come under fire for seizing Associated Press journalist phone records, leading to comparisons of the White House to the Nixon administration.

Obama also has bristled angrily at the continued investigation into the Benghazi terrorist attack, the bungled administration response, the consulate's security failure and the subsequent erroneous explanations for what occurred.