Krauthammer Slams Hillary

Krauthammer: Most Scandalous Element of Benghazi is Hillary Invoking Video When Consoling Victims' Families

Charles Krauthammer expressed outrage over Hillary Clinton’s inappropriate mention of the video that purportedly spurred the Benghazi attacks to the victims’ family members at the transfer of remains ceremony.

A report from Judicial Watch today strongly suggests there was an effort by White House staff to insulate President Obama from criticism and push the narrative an anti-Islam video was responsible for the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attacks.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton invoked the video at a transfer ceremony of the Benghazi victims after other administration officials were already aware the video played no role in the attack.

Krauthammer told the Special Report panel:

"I find the most scandalous element of this from purely just a human point of view, is the fact that the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with the bodies of the dead lying in front of her and with the families there, brought up the video and said a video with which we had nothing to do, and then according to one of the family members, when she went over to console that family member, she said ‘We're going to get the guy who did the video.’ Now, that to me, if she knew that this was a phony story and I'm not sure I can understand how it would be otherwise, is a form of deception that I think is truly scandalous."