Johnson: Obama ‘literally doesn’t have a clue’

‘Not anyone in the world’ thinks president will strike Iran, says GOP Senator

Sen. Ron Johnson / AP
• August 30, 2012 3:40 pm


TAMPA — On the heels of a United Nations report showing that Iran has doubled its capacity to enrich uranium, Sen. Ron Johnson (R., Wis.) blamed the Obama administration for permitting the rogue regime to pursue nuclear arms with few repercussions.

President Obama "literally doesn’t have a clue what to do with Iran because he did not show strength or gain the support of the world" early in his presidency, Johnson told the Free Beacon Thursday afternoon on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention. "No one takes him seriously."

The International Atomic Energy Agency, in a report issued earlier today, accused Iran of doubling its uranium capacity and of hiding evidence of atomic weapons testing.

Johnson blamed Obama for failing to issue a credible military threat against Iran during its continued flouting of international law and the condemnation of numerous Western nations.

"There is not anyone in the world who thinks he’ll pull the trigger on that," Johnson said. "He has utterly failed to lead."

Obama has endangered the world by cozying up to America’s fiercest enemies, Johnson charged.

"President Obama seems to revere our enemies and give respect to them and give the backhand to allies like Israel," he said. "You need to know who your friends are and support your friend and allies."

Israel will likely be forced to attack Iran without the backing of the U.S., Johnson said.

"I don’t think Israel will allow Iran to go nuclear," he said. "They’ll only do it as a last resort … [and] if it gets to that, I certainly hope American cooperates."

Obama’s foreign policy failures extend well past Iran, the Senator added.

"Unfortunately, a president in four years can do a great deal of harm and this president has inflicted that across the board," from war-torn Iraq to Afghanistan and elsewhere, Johnson said. "His foreign policy failures are legion."