Iranian 'Anti-Zionism' Law Mandates Increased Support for 'Palestinian Intifada' Against Israel

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani / Getty Images
May 18, 2020

Iran's parliament adopted a wide-ranging new "anti-Zionism" law that seeks to bolster support for Palestinian terror groups and other entities conducting terrorism against Israel.

Iran's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee adopted what it calls a "double urgency motion that outlines the manner of confrontation on the national and international scale against the Israeli regime," according to a copy of the measure published by Iran's state-controlled media on Monday.

As part of this effort, Iran said it will step up its support for terrorist factions fighting against Israel. This includes the establishment of a special committee comprised of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps and other military branches to provide assistance to the "Palestine intifada," or war efforts against the Jewish state.

The bill orders the Iranian government "to deploy available national and international capacities towards confronting the Israeli regime's actions."

Iran also is seeking to establish a "Virtual Embassy in Palestine" to coordinate these efforts.

Further, Iranians are prohibited from all contact with Israelis or individuals Tehran deems agents of the "Zionist regime." The law promises "severe punishment," including imprisonment, for those who violate the decree. This would include anyone who travels to Israel or its surrounding territories.

Additionally, the law requires the Iranian government to prosecute "Israeli officials at competent tribunals for their atrocities."

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