Hillary Clinton Walks Away from Iran Questions

Hillary Clinton once again ignored questions from the press on Monday after an event in New Hampshire.

"Madam Secretary, any comments on the Iran deal?" CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny asked the Democratic frontrunner. "Sen. Chuck Schumer is not supporting it. Are you disappointed in him?"

After making direct eye contact with Zeleny, Clinton slowly turned her back and walked away.

Clinton has a long history of avoiding tough questions from the media. Zeleny reported that Iowans believed she was being secretive after ignoring questions from the press for over 40,000 minutes.

The 67-year old candidate ran away from questions about her private email server and ducked MSNBC’s Kristen Welker on how her Iran deal briefing went. She refused to acknowledge Fox News’s Ed Henry when he asked her a question on her honesty.

Like Henry before him, a frustrated Zeleny rolled his eyes and walked off as other reporters chuckled.