Henry: Indication Of More Classified Information Contained In Hillary Clinton's Emails

November 30, 2015

The State Department released another batch of the emails on Hillary Clinton's private server, and with that more indications Clinton possessed classified information on her unsecured private account according to Ed Henry.

"The bigger picture, the broader point here is Hillary Clinton back in March said no classified information on this server and as we continue to see the drip-drip there are indications, of course, that there are dozens of those emails already come out that did have classified information," Henry said.

Politico reported that between 200 and 300 emails were marked classified by the State Department from their October release, bringing the total number of messages now deemed classified between 600 and 700.

At the onset of her email scandal, Clinton assured the American people that there was no classified information sent or received on her private email address. She guaranteed that no sensitive information would be found on her server, and forcefully pushed back against accusations that her email set up was a national security risk.

After a CIA review revealed at least two emails on Clinton’s server possessed top-secret information, the Clinton campaign adjusted their story. Their new position was Clinton did not send or receive anything marked classified at the time.

"I did not send or receive any information marked classified. I take the responsibilities of handling classified materials very seriously and did so," Clinton said in response to the story.

State Department spokesperson John Kirby echoed the Clinton campaign’s talking points last month, pointing out that of the hundreds of messages now labeled classified, none of them "were marked classified at the time they were sent or received."

Clinton’s email fiasco has plagued her campaign since her announcement. During the summer months, the Democratic frontrunner suffered her worst favorability rating ever because a majority of Americans do not believe she is honest or trustworthy.

"That has been an issue for this campaign and will no doubt continue to be one," Henry said.