Gutfeld & Perino Discuss WFB Column on NYT Obama ‘Softball Interview’

Perino: '[The NYT Obama interview] kind of read like the conversations I imagine they have, but it’s actually on tape'

• August 2, 2013 8:51 pm


"O'Reilly Factor" fill in host Greg Gutfeld discussed Editor of the Washington Free Beacon Matthew Continetti's column on the New York Times‘ recent "softball interview" with President Obama on Friday evening's "Impact Segment."

Gutfeld and former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino pilloried the Times' interview, likening the easy questions and kind treatment to a "beautiful marriage" between the publication and President Obama:

GREG GUTFELD: When you read about the relationship between the White House press corps, or primarily the New York Times with President Obama, are you amazed that this love has lasted this long? It's almost beautiful.

DANA PERINO: It's quite incredible and I don't know how they keep it going especially because if you think just two months ago, the media was furious at the idea that the administration would dare to investigate a reporter who was doing his or her job, in the case the media was so mad, that the New York Times even wrote a scathing editorial about it. Then you cut to this interview that the New York Times had as a group interview, and no on even brings it up. They just ask them all sorts of nice things. It kind of read like the conversations I imagine they have, but it's actually on tape.

GREG GUTFELD: I just think it's beautiful to see how they can keep a relationship so fresh for so long. They can just spice it up every year. It's a beautiful marriage.