GSA Administrator in 2011: Volt Will Save Millions

Former GSA administrator Martha Johnson said the Chevy Volt would save millions in a May 2011 speech on the government purchase of electric vehicles, the Washington Examiner reports:

Before GSA administrator Martha Johnson resigned in disgrace, she proudly oversaw the purchase of over 100 electric vehicles that would be delivered to Government agencies.

In this 2011 video filmed by the GSA, Johnson proudly delivers a set of keys to a brand new Chevy Volt to Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

Johnson resigned earlier this month, after reports of lavish spending at a Las Vegas conference for the GSA. In March, GM halted production of the Volt for a period of five weeks, due to lagging sales despite large subsidies and consumer incentives.

Video transcript:

VOICE OVER: U.S. General Services Administration launched the first ever government-elected vehicle program. This initial federal fleet purchase of electric cars will support the new and growing EV market.

MARTHA JOHNSON: This is the first of many sets of keys that will be delivered to the Department of Energy and other agencies that will help save millions of dollars and set a course for a sustainable federal fleet.

VOICE OVER: At the pilot program launch, GSA administrator Martha Johnson handed the first set of keys to a Chevy Volt to Energy Sec. Steven Chu.

SEC. STEVEN CHU: Together we can help meet President Obama’s bold but achievable vehicle goals. We can become the first country to put one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.