Steven Chu

Former Energy Secretary Joins Board of Stimulus Recipient

After getting $4 mil in DOE grant money, Amprius hires Steven Chu

Steven ChuFormer Energy Secretary Steven Chu will join the board of a company that got millions of dollars from the Department of Energy during Chu’s tenure and is backed by some of the nation’s most politically connected investors.

Picking Losers

Lawsuit accuses Obama Energy Department of cronyism in green energy loan program, leaked patented technology

A high-technology electric car manufacturer and its related battery manufacturer are suing the Department of Energy, alleging the department improperly denied the companies a loan and leaked patented technology to competitors.

Tom Steyer’s Bet is Paying Off

Column: Meet one of Barack Obama’s richest green energy cronies

Those curious to know how Washington functions in the era of Barack Obama would benefit from reading a Dec. 17 item by Al Kamen in the Washington Post. Its 333 words pretty much sum things up.

Dirty Harry’s Clean Energy Cronyism

How Harry Reid has been pulling strings for Chinese solar energy company

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) has been working to secure sweetheart deals for Chinese green energy firms, according to reports.

Loose Bulbs

Department of Energy allowed light bulb manufacturer to skirt the rules in L Prize competition, documents suggest

The Department of Energy awarded lighting giant Philips the $10 million L Prize despite the fact that the winning energy-efficient bulb failed to meet several contest criteria requirements, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

DOE May Have Cut Corners for $1.6 Billion First Solar Loan

GOP members say the Energy Department cut corners to approve a $1.6 billion loan to an Arizona solar firm with ties to the Obama administration. The inquiry into loans to First Solar, which both makes solar panels and assembles solar facilities, is the latest accusation in Republicans’ long-running investigation into the Energy Department’s green energy loan program.