GOP Turncoat's Firm Donates to Obama Super PAC

The transformation from Republican to Democrat is almost complete for former Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

The personal injury law firm where Crist now works, Morgan and Morgan, made a $50,000 contribution to Obama’s Priorities USA Super PAC.

Tampa Bay Times reports:

It's not terribly surprising given John Morgan is a big time Democratic donor and has hosted fundraisers for the president's re-election effort. But it adds a layer to Crist's political conversion, from Republican governor to independent candidate for U.S. Senate to talked about Democratic candidate for governor.

The $50k is helping pay for ads like this one, which Prioritites USA Action is running in Florida.

The firm’s contribution was originally reported by the Center for Public Integrity:

Orlando, Fla.-based law firm Morgan & Morgan, known for its slogan "representing the people, not the powerful" and its ubiquitous advertising, made the donation March 31. The gift was disclosed in documents filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission. …

Florida trial lawyer John Morgan heads the firm. Morgan himself is a longtime Democratic donor, and this election cycle, he has raised more than $500,000 from friends and associates for Obama and the Democratic National Committee.

Crist himself has not donated to any presidential candidate so far this year, although he has said that he might consider voting for Obama in November. On Friday on MSNBC, Crist spoke favorably about Obama, calling him a "centrist" who has been "continually trying to reach out" to the Republicans for help, although he stopped short of officially endorsing the president.

Crist made national headlines in 2010, when he lost the Republican Senate primary to Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio and then continued his campaign as an Independent. Crist joined Morgan and Morgan after losing the election to Rubio, and has been an outspoken supporter of the president since changing his party affiliation.