Feds Feeling Heat For Misbehavior

The Secret Service has terminated three agents in the wake of the Colombian prostitution scandal that has rocked the Obama administration—the second scandal to strike the federal government in as many weeks.

At least one of the Secret Service officers was allowed to retire, which may allow him to keep his federal pension, Politico reports:

One supervisory employee was allowed to retire and a second supervisor has been proposed for removal for cause — which requires 30-day notice and the right to be represented by private legal counsel. A third non-supervisory employee also stepped down. The other eight Secret Service employees remain on administrative leave and have had their security clearances suspended.

Last week, the head of the General Services Administration resigned, and two officials were fired in connection to the $800,000 Las Vegas taxpayer funded conference that has thrown a spotlight on profligate federal spending. The GSA is calling on three other officials to pay back the costs of the conference as Congress ramps up its investigation.

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley said he hopes swift punishment will stop future agencies from raucous partying on the taxpayer’s dime—especially those charged with protecting the president.

"I’ve always said that if heads don’t roll, the culture in a federal agency will never change. Today’s personnel actions, combined with the swift removal and investigation, are positive signs that there is a serious effort to get to the bottom of this scandal," he said.

While federally subsidized parties may be going by the way side for now, the culture of fireproof federal employees may continue.

One of the fired Secret Service agents, who reportedly left the president’s travel schedule in the open as 20 prostitutes bandied about the hotel room, plans on getting his job back, according to the New York Post.

A source said the dismissed officer plans to sue for his job back.

The Senate Judiciary Committee said more heads could roll in connection to the incident.