Expert: North Korea Could Hand Nukes Over To Iran

Has North Korea started up their nuclear reactors to ship plutonium to Iran? One expert believes that may be the case.

Satellite images have shown that North Korea may have started up their nuclear reactors again.

Gordan Chang believes that North Korea is seeking to enrich more plutonium for one of three reasons:

  1. North Korea is seeking to keep their own nuclear material
  2. The rebel state is hoping to strike a deal where they will be paid to shut down their nuclear program
  3. Kim Jung Un is hoping to sell his enriched plutonium to another state the West does not want obtaining nuclear capabilities, Iran

The two rogue states have maintained close ties. Chang says that the two nations are running a joint nuclear program as evidenced by their dealings back in 2002.

The news that North Korea is determined to start up their nuclear program again is concerning. The thought of that plutonium ends up in the hands of the Ayatollah is frightening.