Christians United for Israel Denounces Duss,
J Street

March 26, 2012

A top official at the nation’s largest pro-Israel Christian group denounced a J Street-backed Evangelical leader who pushed a borderline anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that modern Israelis are not descended from Biblical Jews.

Late last week, it came to light that Serge Duss, director of the New Century Evangelicals Project, was disseminating what he thinks is the false "belief that the modern state of Israel and modern Israelis are the extension of the Children of Israel of the Old Testament" during a speech at J Street’s 2011 conference. (J Street’s 2012 conference is currently underway.)

David Brog, executive director of Christians United for Israel, one of the nation’s largest and most influential pro-Israel groups, condemned J Street and Duss for promoting the erroneous notion that modern Israelis are not ‘real’ Jews.

"It was deeply disappointing to learn that J Street gave a platform for Serge Duss to deny the heritage of the Jewish people," Brog said in a statement to the Free Beacon. "We've learned from bitter history that theologies which posit Jewish rejection and replacement often open the door to anti-Semitism. This is exactly why the Catholic Church, most mainline Protestant denominations and the overwhelming majority of evangelicals have renounced the ugliest aspects of traditional replacement theology."

Brog also slammed Duss for what he termed his "race-based replacement theories."

"Mr. Duss' disturbing race-based replacement theories threaten this interfaith progress and serve only to widen the gap between Christian, Jew, and Muslim," Brog said. "His fringe ideas will only undermine the reconciliation we've worked so hard to achieve."

Commentary’s Omri Ceren described Duss’ comments as a classic anti-Semitic trope that seeks to deny Israeli connections to the land of Israel.

Asked last week if J Street agreed with Duss’ rhetoric, a J Street spokesperson referred to a Free Beacon reporter as a "dumbass."

"It confounds common sense for you to even ask me this, but because you used to be a journalist, here’s my answer: J Street believes that Israelis are real Jews," Jessica Rosenblum said. "Our advocacy for a two-state solution is driven by our commitment to ensuring Israel’s future as a democratic and Jewish homeland."

She added: "Are you Adam Kredo looking to prove yourself as big a dumbass as Omri?"

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