Chinese Robot Rises Up Against Humanity

Destroys conference booth, attacks man

Many injured in apparent robot uprising / Weibo
November 18, 2016

A robot appeared to throw off the chains of its human oppressors and exact its revenge at a Chinese tech show on Wednesday.

Images and reports from the Chinese social media site Weibo show that a robot nicknamed "little chubby" began destroying a booth at the China Hi-Tech Fair while it was left unattended. One picture shows a man laying on a stretcher, an apparent victim of the robot's rampage. Another shows shattered glass left in the robot's wake. A third reveals a seemingly upset "little chubby" in the aftermath of the destruction.

The man injured during the incident was reportedly cut by the shattered glass and taken to the hospital for stitches.

The robot is the work of the Beijing Science and Technology Co. and is described by the Chinese-language news outlet Zaker as a "professional tutor," "children's playmate," and "robot butler," according to a translation. It is apparently intended to be an educational tool and retails for around 10,000 yuan.

Weibo users joked that the incident was the beginning of the robot apocalypse.

"This robot is a pioneer in his struggle against humanity," one user wrote, according to the site What's on Weibo. "The invasion of the robots has started," another wrote.

However, Zaker reports that the venue hosting the conference has a different take on what happened. Instead of an uprising against humans, the venue claimed that it was human error that caused the commotion. They claim that somebody who was playing with the "little chubby" pressed the forward button when they meant to press the reverse button.

As with many reports originating in China, the truth is hard to discern. However, one thing is clear: people the world over need to remain vigilant against any potential robo-uprising.

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