China Uses Biden COVID-19 Testing Plan as Propaganda

Getty Images
January 18, 2022

A propaganda arm for the Chinese Communist Party is boasting about the United States’ reliance on China to implement President Joe Biden’s testing plan.

An article in the Global Times, a CCP-controlled English language newspaper, describes how the federal government’s plan to mail free COVID-19 tests to millions of Americans highlights how Chinese manufacturers are critical to "meet U.S. demand."

"The number of inquiries for orders from the U.S. rose by 30 percent over the past week from the prior week, and the company is running at full capacity with its employees working extra shifts to meet clients' needs," one Chinese manufacturer told the paper.

In December, Biden announced a plan to procure and ship 500 million COVID-19 tests to Americans. Signups for the tests, which will take 7-10 days to ship, started Tuesday.

The article also highlights a $1.28 billion deal between the U.S. government and a Chinese company's U.S. subsidiary that manufactures COVID-19 tests in China. "Multiple test kit orders from the U.S." fueled a "bull run" on the company's stock, according to the paper. 

In addition to the tests, the paper notes how many of the masks Americans are forced to wear in various U.S. cities are manufactured in China. Fox News’s Jacqui Heinrich tweeted earlier this month that KN95 masks distributed by Congress’s Office of the Attending Physician feature "MADE IN CHINA" stamps on the front.

"You have 435 Members of the U.S. House wearing ‘Made in China’ stamped on their face," one lawmaker told Heinrich.