China Rejects Biden Admin’s ‘Unconditional’ Offer of Nuclear Nonproliferation Talks

(Getty Images)
June 9, 2023

China rejected an "unconditional" offer from the Biden administration to engage in nuclear arms control talks with the United States.

The Chinese government will not accept National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan's proposal to speak with envoys from America and Russia about arms reduction because "China’s nuclear strength is far from being on par with the U.S. and Russia, "spokesman for China's Washington, D.C., embassy Liu Pengyu told Semafor.

"The time is not ready yet for [Beijing] to join the nuclear arms control negotiations proposed by some," Liu added.

President Joe Biden's failures in dealing with the threat China poses have been especially apparent in recent days.

On June 8, the communist government reportedly reached a deal with Cuba to establish an electronic eavesdropping station on the island, which sits only 100 miles off the coast of Florida. With the base operational, China would be able to collect electronic communications from the southeastern portion of the United States.

Potential targets include the U.S. Central Command headquarters in Tampa and Fort Liberty, the nation's largest military base, in North Carolina.

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