Catherine Herridge Reports on Composition of Syrian Rebels

September 5, 2013

Fox News' Catherine Herridge reported on the composition of the Syrian rebels Thursday evening.

Herridge's reporting called into question the association between moderate and extremist elements of rebels in Syria:

CATHERINE HERRIDGE: This graphic amateur video now being reported by the New York Times purports to show the execution of Syrian government soldiers, adding its evidence of a growing criminal element. The Times, which says the video was smuggled out of the country by a former rebel was edited, cutting to black before the guns go off. Fox News cannot independently verify the contents of the tape. The true composition of the rebels is a question the House and Senate intelligence committees, led by Republican Mike Rogers and Democrat Diane Feinstein, continue to wrestle with. According to a former senior staff member:

MICHAEL ALLEN: It's our intelligence question. There is no question about. It's an imperfect business. But I think we're getting there and we can have some confidence that there are elements of the rebels that we can support.

CATHERINE HERRIDGE: The issue is whether a limited military strike will strengthen the hand Al Qaeda and groups seeking to establish an Islamist state in Syria. As one observer noted today, what is considered moderate on the ground in Syria is a far cry from the American concept, Bret.