Carney: Released Detainees Don’t Pose Significant Threat to U.S

Carney on if Gitmo prisoners will return to battlefield: ‘I don’t predict the future’

White House press secretary Jay Carney dodged questions about the future activities of Taliban members released in the Bergdahl negotiation this past weekend.

During Monday’s White House Press Briefing, a reporter asked Carney, "Can you at least assure the American people that the Taliban that have gone back…will not be involved in Taliban activities two or three years from now- that they will not be right back doing what they had done previously?"

Carney responded "The Secretary of Defense in consultation and coordination with the full national security team, made the conclusion that the mitigation efforts were sufficient when it came to the assurances we received from the Qataris and the communications we've had with them, that these five detainees do not and will not pose a significant threat to the United States. And it was in the national security interests of the United States to secure Sergeant Bergdahl's release."

Carney attempted to assure the reporter that the released prisoners do not pose a threat to Americans, but stopped short of saying that they will not return to link up with their former terror cohorts.

"You can’t say that they’ll [the Taliban prisoners] will be back with the Taliban. You can’t say that won’t happen…" the reporter asked Carney.

"I -- no, I don't predict the future, Keith," Carney responded.

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