Anti-Semitism in 140 Characters

May 16, 2012

An employee at the pro-Tehran National Iranian American Council had an anti-Israel and anti-Semitic meltdown on Twitter yesterday, accusing Israel of intentionally murdering Palestinian citizens and claiming that pro-Israel advocates bribe members of Congress in order to get their way.

Beheshteh Farshneshani is a NIAC research associate, prolific tweeter, and occasional contributor to the Huffington Post.

She also is of the belief that the Israeli government willingly murders innocent Palestinians and that pro-Israel lobbyists in America engage in bribery and manipulation.

Farshneshani tweeted that Israel targets Palestinian "voices of resistance and dissent" for murder.

Farshneshani went on to accuse the American Israel Public Affairs Committee of bribing American officials. 

A self-described expert in Iran, Farshneshani argued that the current Israeli prime minister—who recently formed one of Israel’s most stable governing coalition’s in recent memory—does not represent the majority of Israelis.

She then expressed her thanks that President Obama "is not for sale to Netanyahu’s lobby."